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Search Engine Optimization has its importance in digital marketing. If you want to get your website ranked in SERP, then it is necessary for you to follow all SEO guidelines. It is important for you to maintain link building, unique content, keyword Optimization, readability, image optimization, and other factors. However, sometimes it happens that maintaining all the SEO guidelines becomes quite a difficult task. But if you have the right SEO service provider on your site, then things will automatically become simpler for you.

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At Design Pitara, we offer quality search engine optimization services across the globe. We work for your brand as a brand partner. Since 2016 we are committed to giving valuable results to our customers at an affordable price. As we are the leading SEO services provider in Gurgaon, We enhance the online visibility and return on investment of your brand. In order to get these results, we need to strengthen the digital media presence with valuable SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is a key method to improve the online presence that, in return, helps you to earn potential customers. If you don't have a good SEO strategy for your brand, you will lose opportunities to make the most of your revenue. Without the professional's help, it's quite impossible to upgrade your business over digital media. We are considered the best SEO Company in Gurgaon as we’re capable to work with calculated ROI with timeline manners.

What do you mean by Search Engine Optimization?

In simple words, SEO is a standardized and natural way to rank a webpage on the first page of search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, etc. Search plays an important role in digital marketing, as it allows only users to navigate their desired services. There is some algorithm followed by search engines through which they determine which page to appear in the search results. Therefore, if your page does not follow the algorithm, you will not be able to rank your keywords in search engine results. Therefore, you need the help of a professional who has in-depth knowledge of SEO.

website designing company in gurgaon

Why should you choose Design Pitara for your SEO Services?

To get your website ranked, it is quite necessary for you to follow the guidelines. A professional SEO specialist can help you out in getting a top position in a SERP. Here we are providing the best SEO services to our clients. For the last several years we are in the market, and with every project, we are getting better. Our team is highly skilled, and they know how to complete your requirement. Also, our SEO service packages are also affordable. Being one of the Best SEO Service Provider, We do in-depth SEO along with:

  • Website SEO audit

    The website audit has its own importance in every SEO plan. We start our work by analyzing your website and finding out all the areas requiring improvement. Prior to setting the plan, our team members always go for the technical SEO audit. We work according to the Google search console data of your website.

  • The content management

    In every website, content plays a very important role. It helps you in getting a high rank on Google. Hence it is important that the content should be unique and completely optimized. We always ensure that the data or information given on the webpage is appropriately optimized and given according to the intent of the user. For a website, every type of content plays an important role either it's a service page or product page blog, guide, or any other information-related content.

  • Keyword Management

    In SEO, keyword management is one of the important elements to consider. If the right keywords are not used in the content that it becomes quite difficult for the website and the web pages to get a high rank in Google. Proper keyword research is one of the important elements of every successful SEO strategy. Our team is highly expert in using the right keywords, phrases that help in making your content properly optimized and getting a better reach to the customers.

  • On-page Optimization

    If the right on-page SEO Optimization has been done on your website, then it becomes easier to appear in the Google search engine or any other. While performing the on-page SEO process, we focus on the factors like the design of the webpage; the content is given, the page responsiveness, loading speed, multimedia inclusion, and other quality factors.

  • Link building

    Backlinks also play an important role in achieving a high rank on Google. Backlinks are not just random links; they must be of high quality and from the relevant websites. Our team also pays full attention to the same.

  • Local SEO

    As per the statistics available, more than 65% of customers search for local businesses online. Hence, it is quite necessary for every business to have a local reach. We use the Google my business Optimization techniques to help you in reaching to your local customers easily.

  • Off-page SEO

    Just like the on-page SEO, the off-page also plays the equivalent role in the building of the credibility and reputation of the website. Off-page SEO helps in generating the ratings with the help of link building, marketing, social media marketing, and other manners.

  • Conversion rate Optimization

    If you want to get maximum business, then it is quite necessary that your targeted audience converts into potential buyers. In order to enhance your conversion opportunities, we integrate the pay per click marketing with our SEO Services.

On page , Off-Page , Technical SEO Services

We provide both on page SEO and technical SEO services. Sometimes people consider both the terms same but in actual these are not.

On page SEO

In on page SEO, we analyze the site content, internal linking, image optimization, title tag and Meta tag optimization and heading tag optimizations.

Off page SEO

In off page SEO we focus towards link-building coma contact marketing social media, podcasts reviews and others.

Technical SEO

Along with on page and off page we also provide the technical services including analyzing the site speed, canonicalization data structuring, XML sitemap in, hreflang and others. While doing the technical SEO on your site we pay a major emphasis on how Google crawls and indexes your website.

Organic SEO Services:

Along with other Digital Marketing tactics, Organic SEO plays a crucial role. It is actually the most powerful tool to ensure the success of the website. It includes the comprehensive On-page optimization like optimizing the content, keyword utilization, maintaining the rank, improving the website speed and others. Organic SEO technique is quite straight forward. There are several algorithms that Google use while crawling and indexing your webpages. If the content is unique, optimization is properly done, and the website is desktop and mobile friendly then it helps the page in getting a better rank. All these are the organic tasks to be done. At Design Pitara, we understand the requirement of the website and guidelines of Google and provide the best Organic SEO Services to our customers.

website designing company in gurgaon

website designing company in gurgaon

Some important SEO facts to know about:

If you are still in doubt about taking help from SEO professionals, then here we are providing you some statistics from the surveys and reports.

  • There are more than two hundred factors involved in the Google algorithm used for ranking a website
  • Currently, Google is having 87% of the search engine market
  • The website has the first rank in Google usually gets around 32% of all the clicks
  • More than 49% of the marketers stated that organic search results in the best ROI
  • In the US, more than 50% of the consumers stated that before purchasing or getting any service, they search for it online

The Best SEO Company fulfilling all your Digital Marketing Needs:

Planning a result-driven SEO strategy is not like eating a piece of cake. It asks for experience, knowledge, smartness, analytical mind, and so on. Gone are the days when blogging and occasional advertising campaigns could take you to the first page of Google search results.

Nowadays, SEO has become a multifaceted strategy with many dynamic parts that need to work together to get effective results. Our SEO experts understand that an effective strategy begins with a deep knowledge of customer challenges, potential audience, and goals. Our Dedicated experts are designated for a specific customer to constantly keep an eye on the keyword performance, competitive landscape, and market trends, so we can quickly analyze opportunities to work for better leads.

For Design Pitara, customer relationship is the first priority because they assure us that we are following the right track to achieve the target goals. We believe in reporting our customers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and explain our strategy in a detailed manner. These regular conversations allow us to build a healthy relationship with our customers, and they feel free to contact us. We let our customers know what's really helpful to take brands to greater heights and what we can do additionally to improve our strategy so that we don't lose track and work in the right direction.

Whenever you collaborate with an SEO company, it is essential to consider the factor of how their SEO experts study the campaign performance. There are many companies that apply the same formula to all the channels, but Design Pitara believes in framing personalized reports on the basis of the KPI, which is very significant for your organization.

In addition, our reports are always fully transparent, and we regularly update information based on user behavior, keyword performance, website performance, and keyword position. The main reason behind following the clear as crystal reporting is that we want our customers should know where their website is exactly standing and what we are doing to upgrade it.

Since its inception, we are working hard to help our customers in the best possible way with Search Engine Optimization Services. We are one of the award-winning SEO companies. Our team is eager to provide the best possible set of digital marketing strategies to help startups maximize their business revenue.

If you want your customers to easily get access to your business profile on the internet, then the very first thing you need is a Website. The second most priority is to get ranked on the first page in the Google search engine results. Although it sounds so simple in order to get the most out of them, first, you need to know about the right strategy to build a website and to do SEO.

Design Pitara is a platform that is trusted by millions of users as we work with personalized SEO strategies. We believe every brand deserves something different. Like we can't solve all mathematics questions with a single formula. Likewise, we can't follow a single strategy for all brands. All brands vary in their services and products.

Our SEO services comprise website auditing, content optimization, keyword research, technical SEO, mobile optimization, site linking, and a wide range of product-based SEO services based on search engine results, with increased page speed to rank your business.

Does your website actually need SEO?

Without any doubt, we would say yes. SEO has gained the atom most importance in digital marketing. For availing long-term results, it is necessary to follow the SEO guidelines so that the products and services can be presented properly online and your reputation can be maintained. However, it is always necessary to use the right technique.

So, what are you waiting for? Just connect with the reliable and renowned SEO company Design Pitara to boost your revenue, enhance your online presence, brand awareness, etc. Our services are dedicated to all startups, small and big firms/organizations.

Are you worried about the cost? No need to panic because we offer quality SEO services at an affordable price. To be sure about our services, do remember to check out the testimonial and follow our social media handles to stay updated with Design Pitara.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

SEO is a natural practice to rank high post/pages in the search engine such as Google, Bing, Baidu Etc.

In a single line, it can be stated that SEO can be used to rank your website in search engines and to generate more revenues.

  • Brand Awareness
  • More Revenue
  • More Traffic
  • More Sales

You should take services from SEO experts who have in-depth knowledge of digital strategies.

Yes, you should take SEO services for your business.

Yes, we provide reports weekly or bi-weekly.


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