Type Of Logo Designs For Your Brand

Type Of Logo Designs For Your Brand

A logo is an identity which signifies your business. Logos are texts, images, shapes or it may be a combination of all the three which usually depicts the name and the main purpose of a business. If a logo is well designed, it can also convey the company's brand message in such a way that it helps to establish a great emotional connection with the target audience.

A logo is very important for a company due to a number of reasons, some of them are as follows:

  1. In order to make an unforgettable first impression, which attracts the customers towards a particular brand.
  2. Helps create a brand's identity.
  3. The company gets a symbol through which people recognize and remember them, if the logo creates a deep impact in their minds.
  4. An impressive logo distinguishes a specific brand from it's other competitors in the market.
  5. Helps immensely in fostering a brand loyalty.

Different Uses of a Logo

Logos can be used anywhere and everywhere your company, product and your brand is represented in the market.

Business Cards: Business cards with the logo of the brand are an excellent way to get your name out there and give your customers an easy way to remember you when in need.

Websites: Displaying the logo on the top of your website increases the brand visibility and instantly tells the consumers about your company and the product.

Marketing Materials: Logos are used in advertisments, brochures, product packaging, social media posts and newsletters, Anytime you create a marketing tool or material, your logo should be there to catch the attention of the customers.

Presentations: Your presentations should always be symbolized by the logo to give a clear indication about the brand you represent.

Company Communications: Logos are used in letters, emails and other communications to reinforce the brand not only for your customers, but also for your employees in order to connect your company culture with the brand.

Different Types of Logos

There are different types of logos with each one having their own strengths and unique design characteristics. One particular style might work better for you over the others. It depends on a number of factors like the length of the company's name, the industry and the potential customers.

Different types serve a distinctly different purpose, but some specific styles have surged in popularity in the recent years, especially with many more businesses operating exclusively online now. Let's look at each type of logo in detail.

Monogram logos or Lettermarks

A monogram logo contains one or more letters, most commonly a company's initials or first letters rather than the full name. Usually, the initials become the key part of the logo. For example look at CNN, IBM, HBO, NASA and HP names. They all stand for a famous company's name. It's used instead of a specific symbol, turning a company's identity into an eye catching visual. In your design, these names need to be not only legible but also memorable.

Logotypes Or Wordmarks

A wordmark logo appears exactly like a lettermark, however, it's slightly different than the later. This type of logo doesn't focus only on the initials, instead it has the complete name of the brand. For example, Google, CocaCola, Pepsi, FedEX, Disney and many more big brands have embraced the idea of logotypes or wordmarks

Logo Symbols Or Pictorial marks

Logo symbols are quite famous amongst the different types of logos. It's a graphic or icon-based logo. When you think of such types of logos, the names that crop up in the mind are Apple, Twitter and more. These brands have an emblematic logo, which is easily recognizable.

If you decide to go with a logo symbol, the most challenging part is to choose the right image. The mark that you pick for your business should go with its existence. But, before you pick an image, you have to consider its implications first. Are you using a symbol to evoke emotions? Think of the broader consequences of the logo symbol and you will find something worth matching with your line of business.

Abstract logo marks

An abstract logo mark is a specific type of a pictorial logo. Instead of a recognizable image, it's an abstract form which represents your business. A few examples are the Pepsi divided circle and the strip-y Adidas flower. Abstract marks work very well because they condense your brand into a single unique image. Instead of being restricted to an object or picture of something very recognizable, abstract logos allow you to create something truly unique to represent your brand.

Mascot Logos

Mascot logos are logos which has an illustrated character that represents your company. Often colourful and mostly fun, the mascot logo is a great way to create your brand's character.

You can think of them as the ambassador for your business. Famous mascots include the KFC's Colonel, Kool-Aid Man and Planter's Mr. Peanut. Just think of those mascots at the sporting events and the great dynamics they create by getting involved with the audience.

The combination mark

A combination mark is a logo which can have more than one logo types on it. It can be a combined logo of word mark or letter mark and a pictorial mark, abstract mark or mascot logos. Few well known examples of combination mark logos are Lacoste, Doritos and Burger King.

As a brand name is associated with an image, so a combination mark is quite often a versatile choice, with both the text and icon or mascot on it to reinforce your brand. Moreover, the combination of a symbol and a text creates an unique image together, so these logos are usually easier to trademark than a pictorial mark alone.

Slime Logos

As the word slime suggests it is something unpleasant and messy, but that doesn't mean the slime logos should be messy. Usually slime logos have bright colours, of which you can use one or two only, as too many colours can look overwhelming. You should try to use a colour palette which differs significantly from the main competitors of your brand. Many slime logos feature bold and bubbly custom typefaces which capture the texture and movement of slime quite well. A good example of a slime logo is the Nickelodeon logo. You must always keep in mind that whichever logo you choose, it should match with your other design elements and looks good.

Emblem Logos

These are one of the oldest types of logos. But, the demand for these logos hasn't gone down yet. While there are companies which don't mind reflecting their brand essence with the traditional design, others give the traditional emblem a modern look. The emblem logo has a symbol or icon with seals, crests and badges. An example of the emblem logo is the iconic logo of Starbucks, which includes a mermaid emblem with its brand name written alongside. Another example of an emblem logo is Harley Davidson's famous crest logo. Emblem logos are the first choice for organizations, schools, government agencies and the auto industry.

Takeaway:In the age of social media, where a logo needs to be used across all the digital channels, if you have a longer company name, it won't always work in a small space like a square photo. Hence, a monogram or symbol only version can make your design more adaptable.

Finally, whichever logo type you choose, your design must create a strong impression of your brand in the minds and hearts of the customer. If it stands out from the other similar companies operating in the market, then it'll be easier to distinguish your product or service and will help your target audience to recognize your product or the brand easily.

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